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Welcome to Translators Union, Inc.!
I have taken this opportunity to launch a new enterprise specializing in language and temporary staff services following 44 years of experience in the language service industry working for a pioneering business in this field. While small, Translators Union, Inc. comprises a core of 8 veteran staff, in addition to myself, who bring to the business a wealth of experience in the language service field: 5 colleagues will more than 20 years of experience organizing and staging international conferences, as well as arranging and providing interpretation, translation, and temporary staff services; Mr. Fumitaka Johyama, who has over 40 years of experience as a technician specializing in sound and simultaneous interpreting equipment; and 2 office staff.
The decision to establish a new organization was made based on a desire to spend my post-corporate life meaningfully as Japan enters the era of the aging society, contributing as far as possible to international communication as well as the training and nurturing of young professionals in this field.
From a global perspective, it is no exaggeration to say that the current market in Japan for language services is facing an extremely unusual situation. In most countries around the world, language services are commonly provided by non-profit federations and organizations or directly by individuals. It is rare for language services to be provided by interpretation, translation, and temporary staff companies acting as agents as is the case in Japan, and from a legal perspective also there is widespread debate that this practice may infringe laws prohibiting intermediary exploitation of labor.
Currently in Japan, 80% of the interpreters, translators, and other professionals providing language services are freelancers (referred to as “casual workers”, or “self-employed workers”), while 15% work in some capacity for companies or organizations as contract employees and the remaining 5% operate as independent corporations.
Translators Union, Inc. aims to protect the legitimate rights of the freelance workers who comprise some 80% of interpreters and translators in Japan, while at the same time charging our clients only an amount commensurate with the services that we provide, operating in a manner that is advantageous for both our clientele and staff alike.
Our veteran staff members have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience over decades working in this industry as well as networks of contacts that young workers cannot possess. We also have vitality, energy, and perseverance in amounts equal to or greater than that of young people.
With your encouragement, guidance, and cooperation, we at Translators Union, Inc. intend to work together furiously to provide the ultimate in language services.
Shoji Naito
Translators Union, Inc.
October 1, 2010